5 Quick Facts About Our Board of Trustees

  1. The Board is the governing body of the BayTrust and currently has 12 members. They are appointed by the Minister of Finance for four-year terms.
  2. The Board has among its members a balanced representation from throughout the Bay of Plenty and community, investment, legal and financial expertise to enable the Trust to apply broad-based skills and wisdom to it’s governance standards.
  3. The Board is responsible for the policy direction of the BayTrust. This includes strategic planning, budgets and Investments, Grants and other Policies. It delegates the day-to-day management of the Trust to the Chief Executive.
  4. The Board operates under a Charter which includes a Code of Conduct in which all Trustees commit to acting ethically and professionally and to avoid conflicts of interest with respect to their fiduciary responsibilities.
  5. The Board has four standing committees: Audit, Governance, Investments and Dillon Scholarship.

Eastern Bay Of Plenty Trustees

Wayne Marriott

Wayne Marriott

Wayne Marriott

JP, MBA, Whakatane

Deputy Chair - August 2017, Chair - Policy and Planning Committee

It has been my privilege to serve the wider community as a Trustee, BayTrust since 2014.  I currently serve on the Investment, and Audit and Risk Committees.

My professional background has primarily been in the cultural heritage sector, where I have supported the development of, and management of, a number of cultural heritage facilities in New Zealand, and internationally, during the past twenty-five years. 

In addition to my professional role,  I also serve as a Ministerial Appointee to:

  • New Zealand Arts Council Toi Aotearoa;
  • Heritage New Zealand
  • Maori Heritage Council, of Heritage New Zealand

and  serve on the  Whakatane District Museum & Gallery Board, and am Vice-President Whakatāne District Historical Society.

With interests in the Arts, Culture & Cultural Tourism area –  Andrea and I operate Art and Acre in Whakatane - a multi faceted dealer gallery, framer and cultural heritage consultancy.

We have an energetic 5 year old daughter who attends primary school in Whakatane, and in our down time we enjoy exploring and learning more about the social and cultural heritage of the wider Bay of Plenty region.