8 more ways we can help

Beyond Grants: 8 More Ways We Help Community Groups

Below, are 8 different ways BayTrust can provide assistance beyond giving grants. We call it the “BayTrust Community Toolbox”.

Our aim is to:

  • Offer additional support in a flexible manner
  • Provide timely answers to requests
  • To work in a collaborative manner

1. Capacity Building

We are interested in providing capacity building opportunities for groups in order to improve overall effectiveness.

Support can be provided for workshop subsidies, and opportunities will be advertised as they arise, here on our website.

We will also consider supporting groups to gain experience and skills specific to their needs through access to expertise to help with a specific issue.

This may include mentoring, advisory or consultancy costs.


2. Funding Forums

We can offer support for Funding Forums.

This is where a number of funders get together to help a community see the various opportunities that are available for grant funding.


3. Support for Collaborative Efforts

Where groups or communities are trying to “get together” to start an initiative that will be helpful to that community and aligns with our priorities – BayTrust may be interested in helping.

4. Assistance from the BayTrust Team

Within limits, we can visit/meet/chat to provide:

  • Knowledge
  • Referrals
  • Names and contacts for other funders
  • Links and advice on funding and fundraising matters

5. Impact Investments

BayTrust is interested in increasing the impact we have in the BOP community, above and beyond our ability to grant, through direct investment into projects or opportunities that will provide both an economic and a social impact.

6. Community Hubs

Community Hubs, where their purpose is to provide a rental/office space for voluntary and community groups, meeting rooms and other services at below market cost may be of interest to BayTrust.

Support could be through assisting with development and/or operational costs alongside other parties.

An investment into ownership of a hub could also fit under the Social Investment category.

7. Research

BayTrust considers funding research projects where value can be seen to benefit more than one group or more than one community, and the reports would be made publicly available.

See an example:

8. Marketing

We are interested in helping groups promote themselves more actively, tell their stories to the community.

We do this through using stories of groups in our publications and our website and Facebook.

What’s The Next Step?

If you are interested in any of these areas, discussion with our staff is required.

Please contact the Impact Investment and Partnership Manager, Terri Eggleton,
Email:  terri@baytrust.org.nz


Community Funding and Policy Manager, Sam Cummins,
Email: sam@baytrust.org.nz

to discuss your situation:

  • Phone: (07) 578 6546

In all categories, priority will be given to groups and activities that closely align with our Outcome and Priorities (see our Strategic Plan) and criteria apply.