Bay Brighter Futures Funders Collaboration (BBF)

Bay Brighter Futures (BBF) is a funding collaboration of government agencies and philanthropic funders within the BOP.  BayTrust is part of this with its own governance and decision-making structure that aims to support collaborative community initiatives that are going to make the biggest positive difference to babies, toddlers and youth.  BBF is not one funding pool, as funders (including BayTrust) maintain their own decision making to co-fund a project or not.  BBF is however a gateway to funding and BBF applications have clear alignment with BayTrust Outcomes and are collaborative in nature;

  1. The BBF application process is as decided by the collaboration partners and documented in their policy and practices.
  2. The BayTrust Board may allocate a budget for BBF spending as part of its annual grants budget process. The budget will be allocated from within the total grants budget and may include a specific BBF Delegated Authority Budget component set aside for decisions at the BBF joint committee table.
  3. A BayTrust Trustee will be appointed to act as a Joint Committee member and attend Joint Committee meetings representing BayTrust.  
  4. The BBF Delegated Authority Budget to approve BBF applications within the agreed budget is delegated to the BayTrust Trustee that has been appointed to attend the Joint Committee.  This will enable decisions to be made at the Joint Committee meetings when an application is presented that has been recommended for approval by BayTrust Staff/CEO.
  5. The rationale for a BBF Delegated Authority Budget is:
    1. Due Diligence has been completed to a high standard and reviewed by several BBF partners including BayTrust;
    2. The application has been reviewed by BayTrust staff/CEO and recommended for funding;
    3. Having decision making ability at the Joint Committee meeting (as has the DIA representative) greatly increases the timeliness of decision making and the length of the application process for the applicant;
    4. Allows for more robust discussion at the Joint Committee meeting as to a fair funding ratio between funders;
  6. Any applications over the agreed BBF Delegated Authority Budget will require endorsement by the BayTrust Board at a subsequent Board meeting.  BBF applications equal to or less than a $50,000 total commitment are however able to be processed through BayTrust monthly granting process where timing constraints mean delaying until a quarterly Board meeting is unacceptable.

For more information on BBF, the projects it funds, and the work it does visit: