Community Amenities Fund 

The Community Amenities Fund has been deferred for 2020. We're still interested in what you're doing, so if you are planning a Community Amenity, please get in touch.  For more information or call the office on 07 578 6546 or email


Community Amenities Fund for applications between $100,000 to $500,000

Rationale:  This fund supports capital projects that will facilitate and enable the delivery of new, or the expansion/preservation of existing Community and Environmental Assets that align with BayTrust’s Outcome and Attributes. Community and Environmental Assets are defined as intergenerational assets where most of the below elements are present:

  1. assets that meet an identified current and future community need;

  2. an accessible and multi–use public component;

  3. broad community support (the amenity reflects the interests of a high % of the community);

  4. local community and volunteer involvement in the project and in the ongoing operation of the amenity;

  5. strong local significance or recognised historical/cultural importance;

  6. where BayTrust funding will make a material difference (>5% of total funding) to the project;

  7. that have material economic development spin-offs.

The Community Amenities Fund has a staged business case application process including an initial discussion with Trust staff, followed by an expression of interest (EOI), shortlist and then a business case application with greater weight given to projects that deliver to multiple Outcomes, align to multiple Attributes and have Baywide benefits.


  1. Applications between $100,000 and $500,000 will be considered;
  2. Applications will be decided on an annual basis by the BayTrust Board;
  3. Organisations will be required to contact BayTrust staff to discuss projects prior to being provided with a link to submit their EOI;
  4. The application process will be through an expression of interest with those applicants shortlisted by Trustees invited to complete a full business case;
  5. BayTrust will generally only fund up to 50% of the total project costs;
  6. At the time of submitting an EOI, projects must have sufficient committed funds or applications in progress that will enable the project to be completed as well as have obtained reliable and independent estimates for the work programme;
  7. To receive funding, all projects must have:
    1. committed funding sufficient to enable completion of project;
    2. a contractually committed start date that is within 24 months from the EOI being submitted – after which time the approved grant lapses;
  8. Clear evidence of organisational capability to deliver the project;
  9. Groups can only apply for one initiative in each Community Amenities funding round;
  10. Groups that have applied for or received funding within the past 12 months from BayTrust may apply, if the application is for a different project;
  11. Funds may be released as progress payments;
  12. Funding can be directed towards a permanent new community asset, a significant upgrade of an existing community asset or preservation of a community asset with strong local significance or historical importance.  These assets are expected to be long lasting with intergenerational benefits and demonstrate they have sufficient ongoing financial support to cover ongoing maintenance and operating costs;
  13. Funding cannot be used retrospectively;
  14. Projects that have already commenced may be given leave to apply under the provision that any funding is used to complete the project