COVID-19 Response

The impacts of Covid-19 continue to be felt worldwide and within our BOP communities. To help with the immediate need, BayTrust facilitated rapid response grants in Taupo and Eastern Bay plus contributed to collaborative rapid response granting in the Western Bay and Rotorua. These rapid response funds in Taupo, Eastern Bay and Rotorua have now closed.

We were humbled to be able to help support those fantastic organisations that were meeting immediate and essential needs over the relief phase and that needed some additional funding support, and to date, BayTrust has contributed over $215k through this rapid response granting process.

We acknowledge that for many in our community the medium and expected long term implications of Covid-19 will be significant and to help with the recovery phase we have prioritised $1m of funding this year to assist.

As part of this extended recovery phase, in the Western Bay we have partnered with local funders including TECT, Acorn Foundation and Tauranga City Council and launched a new WBOP Covid-19 Recovery fund. For more information on this fund please visit TECT at


For the rest of the BOP (Rotorua, Eastern Bay and the Taupo Region) the Covid-19 recovery phase funding will be incorporated into our standard funding rounds, through applying a Covid-19 prioritisation lens to our grant decision-making process. If you are experiencing a significant increase in demand on your services, or drop in revenue please call the office and ask to talk to our staff, to see how we maybe able to help.

It is important to also note that we are still funding in a business as usual manner including in the WBOP and that our Community Support (monthly up to $15k), Community Impact ($15 - $100k) and Strategic Partnership funding rounds remain open.