About Us

5 Quick Facts About BayTrust

  1. The Trust was formed in 1988 as the Trust Bank Bay of Plenty Community Trust to hold shares in the Trust Bank Group for the benefit of Bay of Plenty Communities

  2. In 1996 this share, along with all the other shares in the Trust Bank Group, was sold to the Westpac Bank and the sale proceeds of approximately $90m invested by the Trust

  3. Our name changed by dropping the “Trust Bank” part in 1998 and changed again to BayTrust in March 2006 to give the Trust a shorter more easily remembered name

  4. Our Area is from Katikati to Turangi to Cape Runaway including Rotorua, Taupo, Tauranga and Whakatane. Link here for Area Map

  5. We are known as BayTrust, but our official name is the Bay of Plenty Community Trust Incorporated


Where does BayTrust get its money?

The original fund resulted from the sale of the Trustbank shares to Westpac Bank in 1996.

The Trust's funds are invested in a carefully planned, diversified way, both locally and globally. Returns from these investments form the Trust’s income and are distributed to Bay of Plenty community groups by way of grants (and sometimes loans).

The Trustees aim to re-invest enough income each year to cover inflation and some population growth in the Bay of Plenty, plus in good income years to put some funds aside to cover grants in poorer income years.


Treaty of Waitangi

BayTrust desires to work with Māori in a way that is consistent with the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi of partnership, protection and participation and in particular:

  • acknowledge the partnership, protection and participation inherent in the Treaty. 
  • New Zealand was founded on the basis of bicultural partnerships. 
  • BayTrust aims to work together with Māori to ensure a true partnership exists, sharing skills and supporting one another.
  • BayTrust will act in accordance with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. 

BayTrust will ensure Māori Iwi, hapu and whanau:

  •       are aware of their right to make applications to BayTrust including projects relating to the advancement of Te Reo Māori and culture Tikanga; and
  •       are provided with relevant advice in the preparation of an application;


What does BayTrust use its income for?

Primarily to fund community groups working towards making the Bay of Plenty the greatest place to be.

The plan for 2016 – 2020 is to pay out approx $5m – $6m of grants per year.


Who’s involved in BayTrust?

The BayTrust Board of 12 Trustees is chaired by Mr Kenneth Brown of Tauranga.

Trustees are appointed by the Minister of Finance, and are from the various communities the Trust serves.

The BayTrust Office Staff are:

  • Alastair Rhodes – Chief Executive
  • Terri Eggleton – Senior Policy & Community Investment Advisor
  • Yvonne Baldock – Finance & Office Services Manager
  • Sam Cummins – Community Engagement Advisor
  • Kim Bell – Office Assistant (Part-Time)


Help us to Improve

At BayTrust one of our core values is “Everything we do, we do well”,  If you feel there's something we can do better, we would like to know about it. You can let us know by emailing info@baytrust.org.nz, or alternatively by emailing our CEO Alastair Rhodes at: Alastair@BayTrust.org.nz. All complaints will receive a careful hearing, a thorough and objective investigation and a response.

BayTrust is a also Registered Financial Services Provider and all complaints related to that role will be dealt with in terms of the FSCL Practical Guide for Members. You can find out more about this by visiting https://www.fscl.org.nz/, including how to lodge a complaint



At BayTrust, we are committed to ensuring the privacy of information. To read our privacy policy please follow this link: BayTrust Privacy Policy