Our Purpose

Our Purpose

To accelerate bold meaningful change, assisting BOP communities and the environment to flourish.

Grants Decisions

Grants Paid to March 2024


Community Wellbeing  
Health & Disability  
BOP Multiple Sclerosis Soc Inc; Operational costs          10,000
Dementia Lakes Rotorua; Advisor Wages            7,500
Eastern BOP Riding for the Disabled; Operational costs            8,500
Hearing House Services Ltd; Lifetime support cochlear implants            7,500
Macular Degeneration NZ; Operational costs          28,621
Mockingbird CT; Operational costs          40,000
Parent to Parent Coastal BOP; Outreach programmes            9,000
The National Fdn for the Deaf Inc; Hearing screening          10,000
The Stroke Foundation of NZ Ltd; Operational costs          35,000
WBOP Disability Support Trust; Operational costs            7,500
Safe & Active  
Royal NZ Coastguard Inc; Regional unit support        130,000
Safe Surfer; Safer internet          15,000
Sport BOP; Operational costs        420,480
Taupō Neighbourhood Support; Operational costs            5,000
Watersafe Auckland Inc; Youth water safety champions            5,000
WBOP Neighbourhood Support; Operational costs            5,000
Strong Communities  
Age Concern Taupō Inc; Operational costs          10,000
Age Concern Tauranga Inc; Operational costs          10,000
Anxiety NZ Trust; Operational costs            7,500
Aratika Cancer Trust; Operational costs            7,500
Autism NZ Inc; Operational costs            6,000
Barnardos NZ Inc; 0800 What's up free phone            7,500
Big Brothers, Big Sisters EBOP; Operational costs          30,000
Big Brothers, Big Sisters Of Rotorua; Operational costs          10,000
Brave Hearts NZ; Operational costs          20,000
Camp Unity; Supporting young carers            2,500
Child Cancer Foundation; BOP family support coordinator            7,500
Christians Against Poverty; Operational costs          15,000
Detour Theatre; Theatre & educational services            5,000
Eastern Bay Villages; Operational costs          45,000
Feeding Rotorua; Food hub          75,000
Katikati Community Centre; Operational costs          35,000
Katikati Open Air Art Inc; Open Air Art            5,000
Kimiora CT; Operational costs          35,000
Life A Plenty CT; Retreats            5,000
MenzShed Omokoroa Inc; Operational costs / storage            7,500
Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust; Canine operational costs            2,500
Mt Maunganui Comm Menz Shed; Operational costs            5,000
NZ Howard League; Advanced licenses programme          10,000
Older Persons Community Centre; Operational costs          10,000
Pregnancy Help Inc Taupō; Operational costs          10,000
Presbyterian Support (Northern); Operational costs          10,000
Rainbow Youth Inc; Regional support programme          35,000
Rotorua Budget; Operational costs          35,000
Rotorua Multicultural Council Inc; Operational costs          10,000
St Vincent de Paul - Thermal Lands; Foodbank            5,000
Social Sector Innovation WBOP CT; Operational costs        115,000
Storytime Foundation; First 1000 days BOP          15,000
Taupō District RDA Inc; Helmets & research          10,000
Tauranga District RDA; Operational costs          30,000
Tauranga Regional Multicultural Council; Operational costs            7,500
Te Aka Toitu Trust; Project management          45,000
Te Puke Events & Promotions Group Inc; Operational costs            5,000
Tongariro Whanau Support Trust Inc; Low cost broadband            2,706
Tourette's Assoc NZ; Operational costs            2,500
Tūrangi Mountain Region Trust; Free fortnightly dinners            2,000
Vibrant & Fun  
Diabetes NZ; Family camp 2024            2,500
Kawerau District Council; Christmas in the park            5,000
One Taupō Trust; Winter festival            7,500
Rotorua Lakes Council; Museum exhibition redevelopment        150,000
The Events Network Trust; Volunteering celebration & expo            2,500
Evolocity CT; BOP regional programmes            7,000
Graeme Dingle Foundation Rotorua; Kiwi Can           25,000
Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato: Kiwi Can          10,000
Live for More; Operational costs          45,000
Mangakino Central CT; Operational costs          10,000
Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoors Education Trust; Hillary step scholarships          10,000
STEM Wana Trust; Outreach school programmes          10,000
The Boys Brigade in Nz Inc; Edge workshop          15,000
Youthline Auckland CT; Helpline BoP          12,500
Healthy Homes  
Tūwharetoa Settlement Trust        160,000
BayFair Community Garden; Garden upgrade            5,000
EERST; Paper4trees            7,500
HALO Whakatāne Inc Soc; Building a Halo        190,000
HALO Whakatāne Inc Soc; Electric vehicle          10,000
Ka Pihi Ka Pua CT; E Ora Tane pest management        100,000
Katikati Community Centre CT; Operational costs            7,500
Manaaki Kaimai Mamaku Trust; Restoration project        100,000
Manawahe Eco Trust; Environmental education          25,000
Priority One WBOP Inc; Environmental sustainability          25,000
Rotoehu Ecological Trust; Kōkako population survey            7,500
Taupō Community Gardens Trust; Operational costs            5,000
Uretara Estuary Managers Inc; Project Parore        140,000
Wai Kokopu; Carbon farming & restoration        300,000
Tū Māori Mai  
Aronui Arts Festival CT; Aronui Indigenous arts festival            7,500
Aorangi School; Hauora / Wellness project          17,500
Hoe Aroha Whanau o Mauao Waka Ama Club; Two puakea waka          10,000
Kura Ki Tai Waka Ama Club Inc; Waka, life jackets & trailer            5,000
Maungaroa Marae Te Kaha; Mokopapa Ki Maungaroa            4,000
Taki Rua Productions Soc Inc; Te reo maori season Taku Waimarie            2,500
Te Runanga o Ngāti Awa; Cultrual building Whakapiri 2023          20,000
Kai Rotorua; Sustainable local food system          15,000
Tiwaiwaka Collective Inc; Operational costs          20,000
Akina Foundation; Impact Investment readiness 2023          15,000
Centre for Sustainable Finance CT; Investing in climate solutions            5,750
Kellie Spee consultancy Ltd; WMOL Consultancy fee          21,152
Tapuika Oranga Ake; Wetland development & training          20,000
Community Event Funding 34,845
Kaupapa Maori Legacy Events Fund 3,494
Scholarships 1,500
Grants refunded -15,185
Total 3,039,863

Funding Pop up Content

Thank you for showing interest in applying for funding. We fund programmes and projects that work towards achieving our Outcomes and Priorities and contain the Attributes we require. These Outcomes, Priorities and Attributes are listed below.

Strengthened Whanau - Babies and Youth

Rationale: BayTrust recognises the importance of family and whanau as the basic unit in communities – when the family unit is strong, it follows that our communities will be healthy and strong. Our priorities in this area are:

​The first 1000 days of Child’s Life

The first 1000 days of a child’s life is the best time to make an investment into a child, and addressing the needs of a baby means effectively addressing the needs of the family. Evidence supports the value of investment into this phase of a child’s development as cost beneficial


  1. Programmes addressing the needs of families and children, e.g. parenting programmes, especially where addressing those identified at risk or with high needs;
  2. Programmes should have identified outcomes and a long term approach, be based on sound practice and show strong alignment to the effective interventions identified in our research.


BayTrust believes that when Youth are involved and engaged within their community – through a range of activities (work, sport, volunteerism, education) they are more likely to lead productive lives and become good citizens that will provide leadership for our communities in the future.


  1. Activities that support youth engagement;
  2. Youth support services and programmes that encourage youth to be productive members of the community, that are strengths based, have identified outcomes and a long term approach, are based on sound practice and can show strong alignment to the effective interventions identified in our research;
  3. That facilitate youth into post-secondary education, training or employment.

Vulnerable families and children

For a variety of reasons, some families, children and parents need assistance to reach their full potential, improve their lives, or recover from setbacks. Supporting family members to become strong will lead to strong communities.  


  1. Programmes addressing the needs of children, especially those who are at risk or vulnerable, to help them overcome difficulties and thrive
  2. Programmes or activities that support adults/parents who are vulnerable, at risk or disadvantaged
  3. Programmes should have identified outcomes and a long term approach, and be based on sound practice.

Inclusive Communities

Rationale: BayTrust has a role in fostering acceptance of community diversity and assisting those at a disadvantage to participate in and contribute to the community to the best of their ability. 


  1. Programmes that promote general health and wellbeing for those who are disadvantaged – through illness, inequality, age, disability or geographical situation;
  2. Effects of demographic changes on people and activities that focus on how to reduce the negative impacts of these changes, especially those that take a regional perspective;
  3. Activities that promote the acceptance of diversity within our communities

Safe communities

Rationale: Feeling safe within communities is necessary to personal wellbeing and enjoyment of our natural resources.


  1. Lifesaving, Coastguard, water survival and safety organisations and activities;
  2. Search and Rescue operations and organisations;
  3. Community Policing activities and organisations

Healthy Sustainable Housing

Rationale: We recognise the importance of healthy, sustainable housing in enabling people and families to lead healthy, productive lives.


  1. Programmes that address issues of sub-standard housing and or lack of social housing;
  2. Retrofitting insulation programmes where there is a community approach to the programme.


Rationale: Community development encourages communities to address their own issues, build on their own strengths and natural advantages. This builds cohesion, enhances the lives of people within communities and increases their sense of belonging, wellbeing and happiness.  Economic vibrancy, prosperity and jobs that provide a sustainable wage or better, plus all year round employment are essential to retain citizens and enable communities to thrive.


  1. Community organisations and activities that facilitate community development at a community level, encourage community cohesion and pride, volunteerism and equity amongst citizens;
  2. Activities that seek to address economic challenges, or improve economic welfare; the creation of sustainable employment opportunities;
  3. Activities that encourage or support the creation and enhancement of social enterprises.


Rationale: BayTrust recognises the benefit of sport and recreational activities in contributing to the overall health and wellbeing of community members, and the role sport plays in providing a mechanism for inclusion of individuals in a community. BayTrust believes the most strategic manner it can contribute to sport is through its involvement in the CoachForce programme which is delivered across 19 sporting codes across the BOP region by our strategic partner Sport BOP, and achieves recognisable community outcomes.


  1. CoachForce programme due to its wide coverage and identified community benefits;
  2. Other sports and recreational activities that are not supported by CoachForce where the activity is an important part of that community, is well supported by the community and is easily accessible to all.


Rationale: BayTrust believes involvement in arts, culture and heritage, community activities and events enriches people’s lives and increases their sense of wellbeing and connectedness.


  1. Applications for community driven arts, cultural and heritage opportunities / activities that enrich the lives of communities through active participation and that ideally work in a collaborative manner reflecting community priorities e.g. community arts programmes.
  2. Contributions to capital costs (generally up to a maximum of 20%) for buildings or assets where they are of strong local significance or historical importance with considerable wider community benefit.
  3. Events up to $15,000 maximum where the majority of the below elements are present:
  • a free to the public component;
  • high community appeal (the event reflects the interests of a high % of the community);
  • outreach to schools or youth involvement;
  • local community involvement in the organisation and delivery of the event;
  • high volunteer involvement;
  • where BayTrust funding will make a material difference to the event;
  • that have material economic development spin offs.

Tū Māori mai

  1. Activities or programmes that promote a strong Māori cultural identity (including Te Reo and tikanga) and contribute to a range of positive outcomes,
  2. Activities or programmes that help build knowledge of local Māori histories that help build understanding and positive collective futures
  3. Contributions to capital projects on Marae (up to $15k).


Rationale: We need strong community organisations and strong community leaders to deliver good quality programmes and activities that address community needs and aspirations.


  1. Activities that build the capacity and capability of community organisations or social enterprises, especially those that drive greater sustainability; support evaluative practices, service improvement and collaborative practices;
  2. Activities that support and enable community leaders;
  3. Activities that encourage and support volunteerism.


Rationale: The natural environment is fundamental to the sustainability and future of BOP.


  1. Community led natural environmental initiatives;
  2. Activities that promote community involvement in sustainability practices or raise awareness of environmental issues at a community level;
  3. Activities that recognise the natural environment as a cornerstone of sustainable communities and support those that show leadership within this space.


To help determine the likelihood of
funding success BayTrust will apply
its funding strategically by investing
in programmes and activities that
contain the following attributes:

1. Are BOP wide or BOP replicable, and are
       community led.

2. Contain measurable outcomes and
       embedded evaluative practices.

3. Build capacity and capability of
       community groups and individuals who
       are potential community leaders

4. Support those in the BOP who have the
       greatest need

5. Incorporate a Partnership approach

6. Foster Youth engagement and early child

7. Deliver innovative solutions to social issues

Note: the more of these attributes that an application can demonstrate it meets, the more likelihood of funding and the greater the funding that can be accesses.

My progamme, activity or project aligns with the above > 

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