Other Funding Sources

If your programme or project does not clearly align with any of BayTrust’s Outcomes or Priorities, but you believe that your project will assist in achieving our Vision please contact BayTrust staff for advice. You can also try other regional or national funders, a number of which are listed below:


Other BoP Funding Sources

                           Other National Funders

Other Scholarships


Other Community Trusts

BayTrust is part of a family of 12 community trusts throughout the country. For news about other Trust’s activities, or to apply for a grant outside BayTrust’s boundaries, visit one of the following:

Foundation North

Formerly know as “ASB Community Trust”, Foundation North distributes grants to the non-profit sector throughout Auckland and Northland.  The aim is to help make their communities better places for everyone to live by supporting social change. They seek to balance support between social and economic needs with broader recreational, cultural and environmental requirements.

Otago Community Trust

Otago Community Trust supports, encourages, and enhances Otago communities by responsibly managing and sharing the resources which have been entrusted to us.

The Eastern & Central Community Trust

The Eastern & Central Community Trust is an independent, charitable trust, and is open and accountable to its community. The Trust regularly donates money to community groups within its area; donations amount to around $5 million per annum. The aim is to help these groups achieve the things they believe will make their communities a better place for all who live there.

The Community Trust of Mid and South Canterbury

The Community Trust of Mid and South Canterbury’s vision in working with community groups is to achieve a region of healthy, vibrant, caring communities. The purpose of the Trust is to provide charitable, cultural, philanthropic and recreational benefits to the community.

The Rata Foundation

Formerly known as “The Canterbury Community Trust”, The Rata Foundation services Canterbury (North of the Rakaia River), the Nelson and Marlborough regions and the Chatham Islands. The purpose of the Trust is to distribute funds for charitable, cultural, philanthropic and recreational benefits in their area, all of which benefit our quality of life.

The Community Trust of Southland

The Community Trust of Southland’s purpose is to manage its investments and apply the income from these investments by way of grants for charitable, philanthropic, recreational and other purposes beneficial to the Southland community.

Wellington Community Trust

The Community Trust of Wellington is a philanthropic trust established by an Act of Parliament in 1988. The current legislation is the Community Trust Act 1999. The Trust was originally formed to take responsibility for the distribution of profits accumulated by Trust Bank Wellington to charitable organisations in the banks’ area.

TSB Community Trust

TSB Community Trust aims to support projects which make a positive difference and create positive opportunities for Taranaki and its people.

Trust Waikato

Trust Waikato's vision is for vibrant and resilient Waikato communities

Trust Waikato’s mission is to invest wisely, grant effectively and to be operationally agile.

The Trust Waikato Strategic Plan sets five and ten-year goals towards achieving transformational change for people, families, communities and places where the need is greatest.​

The goal is to achieve impact at a regional level through effective leadership and collaboration. 

Whanganui Community Foundation

The Whanganui Community Foundation encourages greater social well being and empowerment in their region. To do this the Foundation uses a community development approach.

Where Else Might I Get Funding Assistance From?

Another avenue to consider is the Funding Information Service website www.fis.org.nz.

This service is free to use at public libraries. Funding Information Service is a not-for-profit organisation collecting and distributing information about funding by way of three separate searchable computer databases, FundView, CorporateCitizens and BreakOut.

  1. FundView contains information about funding for community groups in New Zealand.
  2. CorporateCitizens holds details of New Zealand businesses that are committed to building relationships with community and voluntary organisations.
  3. BreakOut holds information about awards, scholarships and grants for individual development.

Other Support & Assistance