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BayTrust commits to the Sport BOP

BayTrust commits to the Sport BOP

BayTrust has just approved 44 grants to different community groups across the region in their December funding round worth a total of $2.4m.

Sport Bay of Plenty is the largest recipient and will now get $552,500 annually for the next three years (an increase of $130,000) to continue running the successful BayTrust CoachForce programme and extend two initiatives promoting youth engagement and early childhood education workshops.

BayTrust chief executive Alastair Rhodes says a record number of community groups applied for funding in the December quarter. “We had previously announced we had more funding available to give out this year, plus other funding sources appear to be tightening up so we weren’t surprised to receive so many applications. There are some wonderful initiatives that we’re happy to be able to support.”

BayTrust has granted Sport Bay of Plenty’s CoachForce programme a total of $8.5m since it was first launched 18 years ago. “Participation in sport and recreational activities helps people feel connected to their community and promotes living a full and healthy lifestyle which are two of our key outcomes,” Rhodes says.

BayTrust CoachForce has now developed into a nationally-recognised programme which helps provide tools, resources and support required for coaches across 34 different sporting codes in the Bay of Plenty, including 19 specific roles.

Thanks to the extra funding received this year, Sport BOP will also be able to continue running two other programmes – to help disengaged teenagers reconnect to their community via sport, and ‘move, laugh, grow’ workshops for early childhood teachers and parents to help young children learn to be active through fun play activities.

Sport BOP coaching and talent development team leader, Dave Clarke, says BayTrust’s continuing financial support is fantastic news for the coaching community who support and influence thousands of young people every week.

“Coaches provide more than just sporting knowledge, they also help shape many other skills that can be used in everyday life such as leadership, teamwork and commitment. We have a saying in the coaching field ‘coach a child, change a life. Coach a coach, and change a community’. The BayTrust funding truly enables this to happen.”

Clarke says the extra $130,000 annual funding means Sport BOP’s youth team can now expand their services and provide more opportunities for disengaged youth to flourish in a positive environment. “The Early Childhood funding will also see the continued delivery of educational workshops to upskill early childhood teachers and educate new parents with knowledge and ideas that allow their children to develop the required foundation movement skills to enjoy lifelong participation in sport and recreation.”

Early next year BayTrust will also launch its first annual Strategic Funding round where grants between $100,000 and $500,000 will be considered. BayTrust will be looking to support initiatives that will make a meaningful and lasting difference to Bay of Plenty communities.

“At this stage we have a total of $2.4m available so we’d encourage any community group with a substantial project to review BayTrust’s refreshed vision, values and desired outcomes and consider talking to us to find out more details,” Rhodes says.

Expressions of interest will be called for in mid-February with applications due by early March 2016. For more details and information visit www.baytrust.org.nz/funding/strategic