Grants Decisions

Grants paid/approved to March 2020

Healthy Sustainable Housing  
Society for Cooperative Housing NZ Inc; Scoping cooperative housing $42,500
Improved Natural Environment  
Environmental Education for Resource Sustainability Trust; Paper4trees $10,000
Project Litefoot Trust; LiteClub - BOP $8,534
Tauranga Environment Centre Charitable Trust, Operational costs $130,000
Inclusive Communities  
Age Concern Taupo Inc; Operational costs $8,000
Asthma NZ Inc. Rotorua & Lakes Region; Helping our Tamariki Breathe Easy $10,000
Bellyful NZ Trust; Operational costs $2,950
Blind Sport NZ; Operational costs $5,000
Brave Hearts NZ; Operational costs $15,000
Eastern Bay Village; Operational costs $35,000
Garden to Table Trust; BOP Programme coordinator costs $5,000
Get Smart Tauranga Trust; Operational costs $30,000
Male Support Services Waikato; Operational costs $10,000
NZ Nutrition Foundation; nJust Cook Healthy Ageing $5,000
Pregnancy Choice; Operational costs $15,000
Rainbow Youth Inc; Operational costs $33,000
Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoors Education Trust; Youth learning through adventure $10,000
Soc of St Vincent de Paul, Thermal Lands; Rotorua Fullfill project $5,000
Soc of St Vincent de Paul, Whakatane Conference; Foodbank expenses $3,000
Street Kai Assoc. Inc; Milo nights $5,000
Tauranga District Group Riding for the Disabled; Operational costs $25,000
Tauranga Regional Multicultural Council; Operational costs $15,000
The Search Party Charitable Trust; Operational costs $40,000
Turangi Mountain Region Trust; Fortnightly free community dinner $3,150
Victim Support NZ Inc; BOP Volunteer programme $15,000
Waiariki Whanau Mentoring Ltd; Communities working on the fringe $10,000
Prosperous Communities  
Citizens Advice Bureau Taupo $10,000
Sustainable Business Network Inc; BOP Sustainable business programme $30,000
Safe Communities  
Community Leisure Facilities Charitable Trust; Water safety programme $22,000
Tauranga Land Search & Rescue Inc; Redevelopment plan $3,500
Strengthened Whanau  
Edgecumbe Blue Light Ventures Inc; Operational costs $15,000
Kidz Need Dadz Charitable Trust BOP Inc; Operational costs $20,000
Priority One WBOP Inc; Instep Programme $70,000
Tarawera High School; Hillary Outdoors programme $2,500
Youth Encounter Ministries Trust; Operational costs $60,000
Youth Projects Trust; Manaakitanga Rotorua $10,000
Strong Community Organisations  
Volunteer WBOP; Operational costs $105,000
Welcome Bay Community Centre Inc; Operational costs $90,000
Vibrant & Fun Communities  
Katikati Open Air Art; NZ Mural Contest & Arts Festival $10,000
One Taupo Trust; Taupo Winter festival $10,000
Pushing Arts in NZ Trust; Tauranga Street Art Festival $5,000
Rotorua Bike Festival Charitable Trust; 2019 Rotorua Bike festival $10,000
Runanga Ngaitamawhariua Inc; Whanau fund day out $3,000
STEM Wana Trust; STEM Champions & Challenge Day $5,000
Taupo Community Reo Group Inc; Growing Maori Language programme $5,000
The National Woodskills Trust; National Woodskills event $7,500
The Tauranga Community Trust; A Night before Christmas event $10,000
Toolbox funding  
Rotorua Chamber, environmental project $5,000
BOP Film $15,000
Total $1,019,634