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New Community Amenities Fund

5 June 2018

Increased Granting Budget and new Community Amenities Fund

we're really pleased to be able to announce that due to strong financial performance over the last 12 months we have been able to increase granting across all our funding tiers from $5.8m to a record $6.75m this year.

As well as this increase in general funding we have also launched a new Community Amenities Fund.

Community Amenities Fund

The Community Amenities Fund will support capital projects that will facilitate and enable the delivery of new, or the expansion/preservation of existing Community and Environmental Assets that align with BayTrust’s Outcome areas, and vision of ensuring that the Bay of Plenty is the greatest place to be.

We have set aside ~$1.25m for the Community Amenities Fund, and are looking to support intergenerational assets that make a real difference in people’s lives. Applications between $100k and $300k will be considered.

The Community Amenities Fund will follow a staged business case process, including an initial discussion with Trust staff, followed by an expression of interest (EOI), shortlist and then a business case application.

We’re still working through the details, but wanted to give you a heads up before the EOI process opens. This will open on 25 June and close on 16 July. We will publish the full policy and funding process for the Community Amenities Fund on 25 June online. To find out more information about the new fund, please phone the BayTrust office on 0800 654 546.